2018-2019 Scholars

Alice Barbe headshot
Alice Barbe


CEO and Co-founder, SINGA France

Fostering collaboration between refugees and their host societies by focusing on refugees’ personal, professional, cultural, and entrepreneurial plans and goals.

Rumbidzai Chisenga headshot
Rumbidzai Chisenga


Program Manager, Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS)

Building the capacity of African youth to lead the continent’s social and economic progress.

Gabriela Galilea headshot
Gabriela Galilea


CEO and Founder, Okimo Vision Ltd.

Democratizing access to visual health and inclusive education through the creation of tools that help diagnose and treat visual and development conditions at a fraction of the current market price.

Ana Maria Gonzalez-Forero headshot
Ana Maria Gonzalez-Forero


Chief Sustainability Officer, Fundación por la Educación Multidimensional (FEM)

Enabling inclusive development through participatory planning and design processes that allow diverse stakeholders to find mutual recognition in indigenous communities.

Hong Hoang headshot
Hong Hoang


Founder and Executive Director, CHANGE

Mobilizing youth leaders to promote environmental preservation through communication, education, and community organizing.

Omezzine Khelifa headshot
Omezzine Khelifa


Founder and CEO, Mobdiun – Creative Youth

Inspiring youth to become peaceful and creative change leaders in Tunisia and throughout Africa.

Pavel Kunchev headshot
Pavel Kunchev


Co-founder, Managing Director, Time Heroes Foundation
Co-founder, Chair of the Board, Fine Acts Foundation

Developing creative solutions and digital tools to inspire civic engagement.

Peter Ndayihereje headshot
Peter Ndayihereje


Community Engagement Program Manager, Village Health Works

Improving community cohesion among people of all backgrounds by leveraging communal structures to improve health and economic outcomes.

Elvis Ndansi headshot
Elvis Ndansi


Founder and President, Unite for Health Foundation

Improving access to basic health care in underserved communities in Cameroon.

Oluseun Onigbinde headshot
Oluseun Onigbinde


Lead Partner, BudgIT

Working to simplify budgets and public finance documents to strengthen the capacity of citizens to hold governments accountable.

Vanessa Paranjothy headshot
Vanessa Paranjothy


Co-Founder, Freedom Cups

Changing mindsets and making periods a problem of the past by providing women in underprivileged communities with menstrual cups through a “buy one, give one” model.

Trisha Shetty headshot
Trisha Shetty


Founder and CEO, SheSays, India

Advancing sustainable development through a gender-sensitive and youth-centric approach.